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 Premium Cosmetic Dentures

Premium DenturesLet’s face it, many folks with dentures look like folks with dentures.  Sometimes you can spot them a mile away - the color is too white, the teeth are the wrong shape or don’t look natural, or their face looks too long or short. Cosmetic dentures are dentures that look exactly like real, beautiful teeth.  The teeth, however, are not lined up like a “white picket fence.” One tooth may have a slight rotation, there may be spacing, or another tooth may be slightly longer - you get the idea.  Cosmetic dentures are “life-like” and look like real teeth!

If done correctly, a cosmetic denture can even fool a dentist.  At denture seminars, slides are shown of real teeth and cosmetic dentures-often times the audience thinks a slide shows real teeth only to be told they're cosmetic dentures. In fact, some people with cosmetic dentures even fool their spouses.  One dentist reported that one of his cosmetic patients was in for a denture reline.  He asked her to remove her teeth and she hesitated for a moment. “My husband has never seen me without my teeth,” she said as a tear came to her eye.  Yes, cosmetic dentures are so life like they can fool dentists and spouses. 
Tooth Size & Shape - There was some fascinating research done years ago that found if you take the shape of your face…it’s the shape of your teeth upside down. So if you have tapered face, you have tapered teeth. If you have a square face, you have square teeth and so on. 
Tooth Color - The color of your teeth relates to age, hair color (natural), complexion, race, etc. Also, the look you are wanting to go for. Your dentist/assistant will help you choose the color just right for you.  Your dentist can create a healthy, younger, sexy smile… but the key is his ablility to create a natural, cosmetic appearance. If done properly a cosmetic denture can make you appear 10 years younger.
Smile Selection - Your dentist will have photo books to help you select the type of smile you want. We can even create celebrity smiles, if that style is appropriate for you. 
Photos - We encourage you to bring with you (on your first visit) any photos you have of you with your own teeth. Although we can “guesstimate” pretty darn close, a photo is always helpful. 
Also, bring with you any other sets of dentures you may have. Even “bad” dentures give us valuable information we can use when constructing your new, cosmetic dentures.

Like most things there is poor, good, best, and outstanding.  Dentures can be made from very poor materials.  Denture mills typically use low-end materials, and you only have a few colors and shapes to choose from.  Cosmetic dentures use the best materials available. Often German, Swiss or European denture teeth are used because of their superior aesthetics.  There are dozens of colors to choose from. There are even color selections for the gums (including ethnic shades).  An African –American with dentures with bright pink gums give a very un-cosmetic look.  Again, our goal is to produce dentures that look exactly like one’s natural teeth.

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